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Frequently Asked Questions - GEG Manager

How is GEG Management affiliated with my property?

GEG Management’s main function is to ease the day to day difficulties of managing your investment properties. Though we have property managers in place at our various investment communities, it can often be difficult, as an owner, to keep track of the managers themselves. This is where GEG Management steps in. We’re not just collecting rent, we’re here to preserve, protect, and enhance the owner’s investment.

What about tenant screening? How do we help ensure the resident put in your investment property is qualified?

Most landlords simply want the perfect tenants to show up, sign a rental agreement, and pay their rent on time: all while keeping the rental property in pristine condition. Unfortunately, not all applicants are a perfect match for your property. In order to minimize your risk and assure that you have the best tenants possible, we offer a thorough tenant screening process which includes background & credit checks, rental history verification, as well as verifying prospect financials.

Can I access monthly reporting?

Frustrated with the monthly statements that you’ve received from your property manager? We have put a system in place that will itemize your monthly expenses, while giving you a clear grasp on where your money is going.

What is GEG's managing style?

We understand that you need to be kept aware of all developments affecting your property. Our team is held accountable for keeping you informed at all times. It is regularly reinforced in our training sessions, and documented in the procedures by which we operate.  Our team consists of highly experienced professionals with many years of property management experience. We consistently invest in training and technology to ensure that our team is at the peak of the industry and able to offer outstanding service to our owners at all times.

Why GEG?

We understand what it means to be an investment property owner. We understand that to maximize the return on your property, you need a professional property manager. You need a property manager who understands your portfolio and what is important to you.  We fully understand that you are trusting us with assets worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.  We understand the importance of your rent being paid on time and in full.  We understand that you want to minimize outlays, while maximizing your income.  We understand the importance of keeping you, the investor, informed.  Clarity is key to successful property management, something we here at GEG, pride ourselves on.

How can GEG help bridge the gap between property managers & HOA's

We are able to create, maintain and manage various Association communications that can often times be very time consuming.  These frequent needs may include resident and preferred contractor directories; Association declarations, by-laws and rules/regulations distribution and management; and other important building information such as the insurance policy, meeting minutes, and budgets.  GEG helps to ensure that your association is in compliance with all applicable state, county, and municipal laws.  We can also manage the timely submittal and completion of required fees, permits and inspections, and are available to provide guidance and recommendations for legal issues that may arise.